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Server Administration

Linux Server (RHCSA & RHCE)


Linux is becoming an increasingly important operating system to be familiar with in business, not least because the majority of web servers run on various Linux platforms.Perhaps more importantly, these are also the common platforms for cloud services, so to administrate these it can be very helpful indeed to have a good knowledge of Linux behind you.

    Duration:80 Hours

    Effort:8-10 hrs/week

    Training: Classroom/Online

Microsoft Server (MCSA& MCSE)


One of our popular courses is the Windows Server training. The training is much in demand, as Windows Server is the market-leading group of server operating systems. Offered by Microsoft, this system grabs around 73 percent of the enterprise market.Our Windows Server courses will deepen your understanding of virtualization, management, storage, network management and give you the necessary knowledge to advance your career.

    Duration: 100 Hours

    Effort:8-10 hrs/Week

    Training: Classroom/Online